I love words. Reading them. W​riting them. Putting the right ones together to craft a scene, an image or an identity that is clear, tangible and understood. 
I'm also a marketer. I help brands find ways to reach a larger audience, get noticed, talked about, seen and heard.
And I'm a little bit OCD, which is nice, really, because it means I love a good budgeting challenge. I enjoy making lists. And checking off items on them. I love creating an idea and then making it come to life. Whether that's on a page, or in a staged VIP event. So, I am not "just a writer." Nor am I "just a marketer." I am an established professional with a strong right brain and an equally exercised left brain. A combination your brand will love.

About Me.

Quote of the Week...
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 
- Peter Drucker